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Here as an incomplete but very long list of stories I've written about cannabis for various publications:

Pre-ground flower fans have no time for cannabis snobs (Leafly, April 2022)

High gasoline prices undermining cannabis delivery firms, driving some to go electric (MJBizDaily, March 2022)

What cannabis companies should know about using mailers as a marketing tool (MJBizDaily, Jan. 2022)

Cannabis prices: Are we in a race to the bottom? (Leafly, Dec. 2021)

Some of Canada’s favourite cannabis brands are American (Leafly, Oct. 2021)

How to get hired as a budtender in Canada (Leafly, Oct. 2021)

Cannabis legalization year 3—welcome to the Hunger Games (Leafly, Oct. 2021)

Marijuana companies turn to training, sommelier-like roles to stem employee turnover (MJBizDaily, Oct. 2021)

James Belushi: The Blues Brother grows up (KIND, Oct. 2021)

She has to wait years to work in weed. Why? (Leafly, Sept. 2021)

Marijuana firms and advocates struggle as Instagram targets accounts ( MJBizDaily, Aug. 2021)

Why I turned to cannabis capsules during Covid (Leafly, Aug. 2021)

Higher dose edibles could actually protect kids (Leafly, Aug. 2021)

When we starve for cannabis in weed deserts, the illicit market will feast (KIND, July 2021)

What We Do — and Don’t — Know About the Link Between Cannabis and Psychosis (Healthline, June 2021)

Yes, You Can Take Too Much CBD — Here’s What Happens (Healthline, June 2021)

Good genes: cannabis genetics still operate like the wild west (KIND, May 2021)

10 Cannabis Strains to Try for Sleep (Healthline, March 2021)

Cannabis 101: A Guide to Sativa Strains (Healthline, March 2021)

How cannabis companies can vet celebrity partnerships, avoid (embarrassing) pitfalls ( MJBizDaily, March 2021)

How Increased Cannabis Access May Ease the Opioid Crisis (Healthline, March 2021)

The new war on drugs (KIND, Dec. 2020)

Weed tour operators focus on wine and suds because of Covid-19 (The GrowthOp, July 2020)

Four things to know about the rise and decline of Civilized, the Chelsea Handler-backed cannabis media startup (The GrowthOp, July 2020)

Toronto is getting a socially distant weed-friendly lounge: 420 Cannabis Court (The GrowthOp, July 2020)

Reckoning with race: Three Black cannabis insiders on how the industry could be more equitable (The GrowthOp, June 2020)

The limits on how much cannabis you can buy make no sense (The GrowthOp, June 2020)

Once again, a new Hobo Cannabis store is drawing criticism — this time in Toronto (The GrowthOp, June 2020)

A former Canopy employee talks about what it's like to lose your job on Zoom (The GrowthOp, June 2020)

Regulatory infraction or criminal charge? Licensed companies and individuals are treated very differently when it comes to cannabis laws in Canada (The GrowthOp, June 2020)

We've got the data on the first full fiscal year of cannabis sales in Ontario. These are the undisputed winners (The GrowthOp, June 2020)

The Canadian cannabis industry loves to borrow from Black culture. So why the tepid response to police brutality and Black Lives Matter? (The GrowthOp, June 2020)

THC-infused sodas are great — except for the price. Is there not a more cost-effective way to get high? (The GrowthOp, June 2020)

Let's talk about hash. It's not the same as it used to be, but with new products available in Canada, is it due for a rise in popularity? (The GrowthOp, June 2020)

Canopy Growth reports $1.3 billion net loss in latest earnings report (The GrowthOp, May 2020)

Edmonton police are focused on shutting down illegal weed websites. Will their strategy work? (The GrowthOp, May 2020)

Weed has been deemed essential and demand is recession-proof. So why do retailers still struggle? (The GrowthOp, May 2020)

A 'massive fireball' that injured 11 firefighters has been linked to an illicit cannabis oil maker (The GrowthOp, May 2020)

More legal cannabis seeds are coming to online stores. Will anyone buy them? (The GrowthOp, May 2020)

Dealers have delivered weed for decades. So why did it take so long for a service like Dutchie to come along? (The GrowthOp, May 2020)

A good start, racist or pandering? Americans are divided on Joe Biden's cannabis decriminalization plan 'for black America' (The GrowthOp, May 2020)

These Mother's Day cannabis gifts won't get mom high, but they'll show you care (The GrowthOp, May 2020)

'Mom-guilt' during lockdown is real. So, let's talk about how cannabis can help (The GrowthOp, May 2020)

Is there a type of weed that won't make me feel anxious? We asked the experts (The GrowthOp, May 2020)

'Inmates are genuinely scared': Why cannabis advocates are calling for the release of detained offenders (The GrowthOp, May 2020)

'Lose your virginity all over again': Playboy recommends inviting cannabis into the bedroom (The GrowthOp, April 2020)

Former OPP commissioner Julian Fantino is leaving the cannabis company he co-founded (The GrowthOp, April 2020)

Cancer cure? Risks of addiction? We need to talk about the myths associated with medical cannabis (The GrowthOp, April 2020)

What does the future hold for weed on TV? (The GrowthOp, April 2020)

Ontario Cannabis Store orders quadrupled as stoners stockpiled for COVID-19 (The GrowthOp, April 2020)

These are the most-searched brands on the Ontario Cannabis Store website (The GrowthOp, April 2020)

I used to roll my eyes at 4/20, too. Here’s what changed my mind (The GrowthOp, April 2020)

Cannabis researchers want to take the mystery out of weed. Here's why that's a mistake (The GrowthOp, April 2020)

Cannabis drinks are finally here. And they just might brighten your pandemic outlook (The GrowthOp, April 2020)

Laid off? Cannabis At Work wants to hear from you (The GrowthOp, April 2020)

Where to buy weed during the COVID-19 pandemic (The GrowthOp, April 2020)

Could curbside pickup keep Alberta cannabis retailers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic? (The GrowthOp, March 2020)

'You’ll never be CEO': Why women are leaving the cannabis industry (The GrowthOp, March 2020)

People in Ontario will get a say in where they can consume cannabis — to a degree (The GrowthOp, Feb. 2020)

Spend $448 on cannabis jewellery — a small price to pay for "empowerment" (The GrowthOp, Jan. 2020)

Here are the first vape pens and edibles coming to the Ontario Cannabis Store (The GrowthOp, Jan. 2020)

"I do" cannabis: How to throw a weed wedding in style (The GrowthOp, Dec. 2019)

PAX Labs moves full steam ahead to Canadian market with $45 Era vape (The GrowthOp, Dec. 2019)

Vaporizers 101: FInd your vape (Leafly, Nov. 2019)

How not to legalize weed (Maclean’s, Oct. 2019)

No, CBD isn’t right for everyone: CBD myths Canadians need to know (Leafly, Oct. 2019)

Conservatives should pitch radical changes to Liberals’ weed plan (Maclean’s, July 2019)

Summertime smoke-out: 10 glorious ways to celebrate legalization (NOW, July 2019)

Inside Canada's Move To Legalize Cannabis & Hemp (HEMP Today, May 2019)

Canada's 1st Post-Legalization 4/20 Events Turn Attention to Amnesty (Weedmaps, April 2019)

'Old Fat Lesbians' Sue and Lee Rise Fast in Instagram Weed Culture (Weedmaps, April 2019)

How To Have The Best 4/20 Ever in Toronto (Weedmaps, April 2019)

Ask Weedsplainer: What's It Like For Women Working In Cannabis? (Lift & Co., March 2019)

Jenn And Brian: The Couple With A Cannabis-Infused Meet Cute (Lift & Co., Feb. 2019)

Cannabis, Intimacy And Pleasure For The Over-45 Crowd (Lift & Co., Feb. 2019)

Ask Weedsplainer: I Want To Try CBD. Where Do I Start? (Lift & Co., Dec. 2018)

Dude, Where's My Weed? Canadians Aren't Getting Their Goods (Weedmaps, Nov. 2018)

Indiva Master Grower Pete Young On Being Pro-Pot, Not Pro-Profit (Lift & Co., Oct. 2018)

Derek Ogden: From RCMP Drug Enforcement To Cannabis Consultant (Lift & Co., Oct. 2018)

Walmart Canada is now carrying cannabis vaporizers (Leafly, Oct. 2018)

Ask Weedsplainer: How Should I Manage My High THC Tolerance? (Lift & Co., Oct. 2018)

Comedian Donnell Rawlings On Challenging The Stoner Stereotype (Lift & Co., Sept. 2018)

Blogger Casie Stewart: 'I'm Ok Coming Out Of The Cannabis Closet' (Lift & Co., Sept. 2018)

Ask Weedsplainer: What Should I Buy When Cannabis Is Legal? (Lift & Co., Sept. 2018)

How Being a Stoner Became a Career Advantage (Medium, Aug. 2018)

Rocker David Crosby Wants A Cannabis Brand (Lift & Co., July 2018)

Goodbye counterculture: what will happen when weed goes corporate? (Written for NOW, picked up by the Guardian, June 2018)

Why High-THC Strains Are Crucial For Some Medical Consumers (Lift & Co., June 2018)

Justin Trudeau Has Announced The Date For Cannabis Legalization (Lift & Co., June 2018)

Anti-Cannabis Senator Nicole '5 Grams Is About 4 Tokes' Eaton Is Now A Cannabis Investor (Lift & Co., June 2018)

What Are Terpenes? Meet The 'Essential Oils' Of Cannabis (Lift & Co., June 2018)

The Best Cannabis Strains For PTSD, As Chosen By Lift & Co. Users (Lift & Co., May 2018)

15 Canadian Cannabis Insiders You Should Be Following On Twitter (Lift & Co., May 2018)

The Best Cannabis Strains For Glaucoma, As Chosen By Lift & Co. Users (Lift & Co., May 2018)

Potent, Precious Kief Hits Medical Cannabis Market With Aurora Frost Joining Canna Kief (Lift & Co., May 2018)

5 Reasons You Can’t Miss This Year’s Lift & Co. Expo (Lift & Co., May 2018)

Those Toronto Cops Who (Allegedly) Ate Too Many Cannabis Edibles Are Facing Charges (Lift & Co., May 2018)

Trailer Park Boys' Trailer Park Buds Lead OrganiGram Rec Cannabis Brands (Lift & Co., May 2018)

Trudeau Says Cannabis Legalization Still On Track Despite Senators Calling To Delay (Lift & Co., May 2018)

Canadians Are *Really* Ready For Cannabis Legalization, And Other Facts From Our Study (Lift & Co., May 2018)

The Best Cannabis Strains For Treating Depression, As Chosen By Lift & Co. Users (Lift & Co., April 2018)

Ask Weedsplainer: How Do I Get A Job In The Cannabis Industry? (Lift & Co., April 2018)

The Best Cannabis Strains For Anxiety, As Chosen By Lift & Co. Users (Lift & Co., April 2018)

The Best Cannabis Strains For Arthritis, As Chosen By Lift & Co. Users (Lift & Co., April 2018)

How To Tell The Difference Between A Cannabis Clinic And A Dispensary (Lift & Co., April 2018)

Cannabis Not A 'Gateway Drug' According To Canadian Scientists (Lift & Co., April 2018)

Meghan Markle Is Getting Her Own Cannabis Strain As A Wedding Gift (Lift & Co., April 2018)

Cynthia Nixon Calls Out 'Racist War On Drugs,' Calls For Cannabis Legalization In New York (Lift & Co., April 2018)

This 4/20 Impaired Driving Study Needs A Sober Second Thought (Lift & Co., April 2018)

Second Cup Redefines 'Wake and Bake' With New Cannabis Plans (Lift & Co., April 2018)

Where To Celebrate 420 In Canada (Lift & Co., April 2018)

Montreal Duo Elevates The Bong To High Art (Lift & Co., April 2018)

The score on how to score legal weed in Ontario (NOW, April 2018)

Buzzed words: The wacky language of weed (Globe and Mail, Feb. 2018)

Kensington pop-up Mercado Libre offers taste of what cannabis culture can look like (NOW, Aug. 2017)

The Tragically Hip enter the weed business (NOW, May 2017)

Marijuana beer company sets up in Toronto, brews up big booze takeover (NOW, April 2017)

Toronto Green Market plans 420 block party edition (NOW, April 2017)

Cannabis stories I've written
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